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Quincy McKnight for the 5th Congressional District of Tennessee

Our campaign needs volunteers like you—people that want the best for their hometowns, communities, and families. I was born and raised in Middle Tennessee, so I understand the need to protect the life you have cultivated here. Join me and help facilitate beneficial change in the 5th district.


I was born and raised right here in Middle Tennessee. As a foster child coming up, then being adopted into a wonderful Christian family, my parents taught me that with hard work, I could achieve anything.

As a father, business leader, and entrepreneur I want to make sure others can achieve such incredible opportunities.

I will work hard to earn your support and your vote.

I am a voice for all communities in the 5th district, and I aim to uphold the civil liberties we all hold so dear. Middle Tennessee is a wonderful place to live, with hundreds of people moving here every week. As congressman, I would work to maintain and protect the 5th district so that it will be great for generations to come.

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Did you know that Tennessee consistently ranks last or next to last in voter turnout? To keep Middle Tennessee a beautiful place we must pay attention in elections and vote for the candidates we believe in. Tennessee’s 5th congressional seat has been held by a democrat since 1875 — and it’s time for change.

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2707 Poston Ave.
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (629) 238-4700
Email: info@quincyforcongress.com